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Not once did he doubt she was meant for him...

A new beginning is all Jenifer Nichols, a single mother with a six-year-old son, has in mind when she moves into her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Overwhelmed by a failed marriage and questions about her husband's death, she stopped believing in happy endings.

Fate, however, has big plans when firefighter Matt Barnes saves her son's life.

Matt is patient, persistent, and no stranger to disillusion. His heart belongs to Jenifer from the start, but he learns early on winning hers will take time.

As their relationship grows, questions arise about Matt's past. Jenifer learns a second chance at love takes courage and commitment. Redefining family is complicated. And her faith in happily-ever-after is threatened again, only this time, she could lose everything.


What Readers are Saying...

Don't Miss This Phenomenal New Voice in Contemporary Romance!!

I’m so glad I took a chance on this book and found Suzanne Winslow! The story captured my attention from the very beginning, and I proceeded to fall in love with these characters and their poignant, heartfelt story.

The characters in Burned are real and artfully written with depth and detail - as if they are your longtime friends. The story is sweet and unpredictable at times - making this a treasure of a romance novel. The author draws you into their lives so you want more. Luckily there is more coming in the series. Great first book - can't wait for the next!.

It has been a while since I read a book like this one. Where things are more implied than actually written out. I enjoyed this story for the slow burn, the way our couple interacts from the beginning, which continues throughout the whole story.

Their story is not easy on them but it is what a real relationship should look like in that they really do communicate very well with each other. It wouldn’t work if they didn’t. One of my favorite things about their story is their ability to be open with themselves and each other.

There are many characters to like in this story and a couple not so much. But it’s how they deal with the ones whom you don’t like that gives it the right amount of realism. Well written and beautifully told

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